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General Question

How do I contact Human Resources?
You can email Human Resources at, or contact the HR team by telephone at (615) 255-1122.

Professional Drivers Questions

How do I apply to work with TCW as a driver?
Thanks for your interest in working with TCW. We look forward to receiving your application. Simply click here.

Are your drivers OTR?
TCW believes our professional drivers should be able to make a good wage while still having a life outside of the truck. This is why we have built a network that allows you to work a normal week and be home daily.

What shifts do you offer?
We have various start times that cover day shift and night shift.

Do your drivers have to tie/secure loads with straps and tarps?
Your time and energy are critical to you driving effectively and safely. We do not think either should be spent handling freight or securing loads. TCW handles containerized and dry van freight that doesn’t require handling, allowing you to focus on driving.

Are your drivers paid weekly or bi-weekly?
Our drivers are paid weekly for the previous week’s work.

Are you drivers paid hourly or by mileage?
We strive to make sure our drivers are paid for the time required to do their jobs professionally in the most efficient manner for the driver’s income. This includes a combination of both hourly and mileage pay to enable you to make a competitive income.

Do I have my own truck or do I have to share a truck?
TCW strives to run a productive network that permits our driving professionals to make a good living while getting home daily. Part of this is through many of our drivers slip-seating in an assigned truck with an assigned slip-seat partner.

Which locations in the U.S. does TCW hire drivers?
If you are looking for a local Class A CDL driving job and live within 50 miles of one of our OpCenters, we would love to speak with you. TCW OpCenters are located in Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Charleston SC, Charlotte NC, Columbia SC, Dalton, GA, Jackson MS, Memphis TN, Nashville TN, Savannah GA, and Spartanburg SC.

Does TCW hire Independent Contractors?
Yes. TCW hires professional independent contractors for both our local and intermodal road operations.

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Management Development Program Questions

I am interested in the Management Development Program, how can I receive more information?
We look forward to discussing TCW’s Management Development Program and how it can build the foundation for your career growth in transportation and logistics. Please contact the Human Resources department by email at , or by telephone at (615) 255-1122, to discuss this program further

What can I expect to gain from going through the Management Development program?
TCW’s Management Development Program builds a foundation in all facets of Operations, which then leads to growth opportunities in a variety of directions. While most continue growth in Operations, some have grown in the areas of Sales, Safety, Accounting, IT, and Maintenance.

Is the Management Development Program an internship or a paid position?
Entering this program is the full-time entry into your career, so Yes, it is a paid position.

Where is the location of the Management development program?
We have opportunities in each state that we have a terminal. Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Charleston SC, Charlotte NC, Columbia SC, Dalton, GA, Jackson MS, Memphis TN, Nashville TN, Savannah GA, and Spartanburg SC.

What career paths can be taken after completing the Management Development Program?
Many of our Management Development Program team members continue their growth in Operations due to the heavy concentration these roles play in transportation and logistics. Others have grown in the areas of Sales, Safety, Accounting, IT, and Maintenance. These paths are chosen through collaboration with the team member’s management to discuss their strengths, areas of enjoyment, and the path that may offer the most sustainable and productive growth for them. TCW is proud to say that we currently have Management Development Program team members and alumni from entry level to vice President positions in our Company.

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Employee Stock Ownership Program Questions

What does ESOP stand for?
ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Who and how do you qualify for the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)?
All full-time employees of TCW are automatically enrolled in the ESOP. How many shares (ie. how much stock) they own is based on tenure (ie. years of service) and income.

How do employees receive compensation (ie. bonuses, etc.) for being part of the ESOP?
Each year, profit-sharing and a new overall company valuation are evaluated and distributed accordingly to employees as the company’s shareholders. Also, additional ownership shares (ie. more stock) is awarded to employees as their tenure and income grow.

When did TCW become employee-owned?
TCW became employee-owned starting January 1, 2022. Prior to an Employee Ownership model, TCW was a privately held company, founded by the George family. Scott George remains the company CEO today.

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Our work speaks for itself!

“TCW has been a strong partner of ours for 7 years. The drayage service they offer is extremely reliable, as they provide us with excellent support and timely communication. We highly recommend TCW as a service provider.”

- Transportation Sourcing

“TCW is a great company to work for and honestly the best company I've ever driven for. The scheduling of shifts is great and so is the people, pay, and updated equipment. There is always great communication involving changes in routes and being home everyday is a definite plus. With paid holidays and a great family atmosphere in which there are no issues for taking PTO for family matters, I have no reason to drive for another company. I am very honored to be part of TCW.”

- Brent Coleman,
Birmingham Professional Driver

"I began driving with TCW, then was asked to move into dispatch. They proved to me they place great value on all employees and have been great to work with. There is room for advancement, and they work as best they can to accommodate the needs of their team members."

- Shane Bell,
Local Dispatcher

“On behalf of everyone at Avgol America, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank everyone at TCW for being great and providing exceptional service. TCW has proven their commitment to providing a great service and being a dependable drayage provider. They strive to be the best and deliver on what they promise. TCW has been our drayage provider for many years and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

- North American
Logistics Supervisor

“I have been driving tractor-trailers for 24 years. NO company has taken better care of me than TCW. They have the best pay and dispatch office staff that I have ever worked for. That coupled with great equipment and being home every night are the reasons I am here to stay.”

- John Swieringa,
Columbia Professional Driver

“TCW is by far one of the best companies in the Southeast. During my time with TCW, I've built relationships with my cohorts that extend outside of the workplace. I recommend TCW to anyone wanting to gain experience and succeed in the transportation industry.”

- Marquice Corprew,
Management Trainee